Extra Credit

Suggestions for Improving the Project:

Structural systems require many load calculations for a sound structure. The process of keeping all shears, moments, and members are important to being organized. The project would greatly benefit from a formal spread sheet that could help keep these values in order. The spread sheet can also help the designer not forget members. Wind, live, dead, and other loads also can be incorporated into the spread sheet. The calculations are different for each building and use, but the use of a formal spread sheet can help organize the task and eliminate the stress for first-time structural engineers.

Innovative Structural System Suggestions:

Office building seen today can be drab and boring from a glance. The basic box steel frame construction of most office building is the leading cause to simple looking structures, but in reality even these take a lot of man power, time, and money. A suggestion for different structural systems is the use of more stone arches, domes, or more decorative structural systems often seen in Cathedrals. These buildings of worship have stood the test of time and still have many astounding structural qualities.  The implementation of more interesting structural ideas does appeal to some but to the financier these changes are costly. The best suggestion for structural systems in the curtain wall. This has led to more interesting facades without taking away the core box steel frames.


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