Deflections & Stress Diagrams

The following images indicate SAP 2000 output for the building structural performance. The actual load calculations and moment as well as deflection values are to be discussed in Member Sizing section.These images are to be used as a supplemental visual aid to understand and interpret the logic behind our steel design.

Dead Loads                                                                    Live Load









Wind Loads

The above images indicate the loads assigned to the building. Area Load application tool in was used to apply the loads  on per square foot basis. This way the model is simplified and no tributary area load calculations are needed. Tributary area calculation were used in order to determine the appropriate member sizes and is discussed in Member Sizing section. the loads applied are indicated by a color coded bar underneath each image, which can be seen clearly by clicking on the image for an enlarged view.

Member Deflection

Member deflection  is shown with an exaggerated scale factor for clarity. The actual member deflections are discussed in Member Sizing section. In the title descriptions, All Loads refer to the Applied live loads, super imposed dead loads, building self weight, snow and wind loads. Dead Loads imply superimposed dead loads and building self weight, Live loads imply applied live loads. The light gray outline indicates the original building shape, while darker gray shows building deflected shape.

Building Deflected Shape

Cross Sections

Deflected Shape (All Loads)                            Deflected Shape (Live & Dead Loads)








Shear Stresses

Cross Sections

Shear Stresses (All Loads)                            Shear Stresses (Live & Dead Loads)









Moment Stresses

Cross Sections

Moment Stresses (All Loads)                            Moment Stresses (Live & Dead Loads)

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