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Basement floor has no steel framing, it is composed of 6″ slab on grade with 12″ concrete masonry unit foundation wall on 12″ x 48″ cast-in-placed reinforced concrete foundation. Based on the soil properties and the building type, a continuous shallow concrete  foundation is more than adequate to support the design loads of 5,550 kips, which translates into about 24 kip/ft on the foundation.

The typical concrete foundation detail was taken from official Nebraska Government Website, Nebraska Energy Office ( The foundation and the slab on grade for both areas basement and first floor will be constructed per following detail:

First Floor Framing

First floor framing plans is slightly different from the rest of the floors, because the design live load for the ground level is 100 psf, while the upper floor design load is 80 psf. in addition to larger live loading, only partial first floor has steel framing. a 60′ x 100′ of the East portion of the building has basement, which means that this portion only will have steel framing for the first floor level. this level will carry the design load of 0.197 kips/sf, totaling to 472.8 kips.  The remainder of the first floor will follow the same foundation and slab on grade detail as basement level. It will be at the higer elevation that basements level as per foundation plan above.

Second Through Fifth Floors Framing

The upper floor have similar design load of 0.177 kips/sf, totaling to 1770 kips per floor. Framing for these levels is identical. As seen from framing plans above, special care was taken to frame around vertical circulation shafts (both stairwells and elevator shaft).

Roof Framing

The roof is designed to carry a total of 0.127 kips/sf, totaling to 1270 kips combined load. roof framing members are slightly smaller is size due to lower loads.

Below are the framing plans and sections, along with steel framing connection detail to be used in building assembly. Please click on the image for larger and not distorted view.

The Typical steel framing details sheet was taken from Mike Shanahan’s Design Drawings ( The ASCE Headquarters Building will be constructed using similar methods of steel assembly as shown in the above details.


Building Section


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