HVAC Engineers:

In regards to the structural system and HVAC equipment, ducting, operations, a working relationship between the structural and MEP engineer should be established. The steel framework needs to accommodate weight of all equipment the HVAC and factor this into the loading calculations. The floor to floor height of the building must have room for the ducting of the HVAC system, interstitial space.

Electrical Engineers:

Electrical systems to be implemented within the building should be communicated to the structural engineer. Conduit to be ran within the interstitial space must meet code and be designated on the construction drawings. Grounding the electrical system is another important issue to consider between the electrical and structural systems. When using a steel frame design, the grounding of all electrical systems can be connected to the steel frame. As the steel frame send the loads into the ground, the same theory is applied to the electrical grounding process.

Plumbing Engineers:

Also within the interstitial space plumbing must be accounted for. Water and sanitary lines are larges PVC and cast iron pipes that maze through the building. The weight of these pipes is a large contributor to the utility loads applied to the building structural system. A reasonable amount of space must be documented in the construction drawings. The pipes also must be easily accessible to for repairs to broken or leaking pipes. The vertical design of the plumbing system is also a factor to the structural system. The pipes may run down a column line and must be anchored appropriately. The pipes may also flow to a central location within the building to then be transferred either up or down. Allowable space for these pipes is needed for all pipes. Communication between the plumbing and structural engineers is key to the design.


Fire Protection:

Fire in high rise office buildings is an issue heavily regulated by building codes. The need of a fire protection systems in these types of buildings is a must. The interstitial space must have room for small metal piping. These pipes carry water and/or a fire retarding substance. Each room and most hallways require a sprinkler. The weight of these pipes is low but still must be accounted for when loading calculations are done on the structural system.

Fire Protection Piping (Below):

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